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    In this article we will implement a "One-per business model" approach to design a repository in which there is a repository class for each entity type.

    What is postdating a check mean what is postdating a check mean

    That’s when you notify the bank ahead of time that you've written a post-dated check and they shouldn't cash it until the date you've indicated. You'll need to give the bank a good description of the check, including the check number, the payee and the amount.They should watch for the check to arrive and only cash it if the date you've indicated has passed.A violation of the provisions of this subsection, if the check, draft, other written order, or debit card order is for an amount less than 0 or its equivalent, constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. As against the maker or drawer thereof, the withdrawing from deposit with the drawee named in the check, draft, or other written order of the funds on deposit with such drawee necessary to ensure payment of such check, draft, or other written order upon presentation within a reasonable time after negotiation or the drawing, making, uttering, or delivering of a check, draft, or written order, payment of which is refused by the drawee, is prima facie evidence of knowledge of insufficient funds in or credit with such drawee. However, if it is determined at the trial in a prosecution hereunder that the payee of any such check, draft, or written order, at the time of accepting such check, draft, or written order, had knowledge of or reason to believe that the drawer of such check, draft, or other written order did not have sufficient funds on deposit in or credit with such drawee, then the payee instituting such criminal prosecution shall be assessed all costs of court incurred in connection with such prosecution. that [the check-writer doesn’t have] sufficient funds on deposit . My mechanic dutifully waits until Monday to cash the check, but it still bounces. I tell him that I need to date the check with next Monday’s date, because my paycheck will be directly deposited into my bank account late on Friday, which will give me sufficient funds to cover the check. Therefore, the practice of issuing or accepting a post-dated cheque is not encouraged.

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    The lies in the banker paying a post-dated cheque and subsequently dishonouring another cheque which ought to have been paid but had to be returned due to lack of funds.There's a common misconception that banks will not or cannot cash checks until the date written on the check. A bank can cash a check as long as it has no reason to believe it won't clear or unless it believes that the check is fraudulent.Many checks have notices on them such as "void 90 days after check date." The "void by" date may or not be enforceable.There’s nothing wrong with post-dating a check and asking the person you owe money to hold off on cashing it.People do this all the time, and it's not against the law.

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